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Regression Therapy

Regression is finding, exploring, reliving and clarifying past experiences by returning to the origin. Our core beliefs, behavioral patterns & mental conditioning are formed through our previous experiences across time and space. Regression therapy works on the understanding that everything we are today is a result of our past.

Regression means ‘returning to an earlier stage’. Regression Therapy is modality that allows your subconscious mind to go back in time to the cause that is triggering the issue in the present. The belief behind this therapeutic modality is that our mind acts as a subconscious canvas and throughout our lives across time and space captures everything that has a significant impact on our lives and the way we conduct ourselves on a daily basis.

In a regression session the therapist guides you to an earlier time or a previous life, their goal is to help you resolve your problems in the present. They use regression techniques to find and resolve issues that might have settled into our mental and psychological framework. As every problem has an origin and revisiting those memories and healing them will allow you to move on. The origin may be in this current life, in the womb, in a past-life or in another dimension. This regression is about connecting to the ‘cause’, wherever that might be. Any negative or unhealed parts of our soul needs to be healed otherwise it will keep coming up in our present and future as a complaint. Going back to past experiences can help to relive and clarify them. Thus bring us more resources, vitality & presence.

Regression Therapy Involves:

  • Age Regression Healing & Therapy

  • Inner Child Healing & Therapy

  • Past Life Regression Therapy

  • Transpersonal Regression Therapy

Benefits of Regression Therapy

Helps in transforming behavioral patterns, mental conditioning and beliefs that are triggering our present issues by identifying & resolving the causes that are coming from the past experiences.
Releasing the unhealed, unresolved and toxicity of the past experiences, neutralizing its ability/capacity to influence the present.
Experience clarity, expanding self-awareness, nurture mindfulness & complete understanding of self-knowledge on the life lessons and spiritual growth.
Gain inner calm, self acceptance, self confidence thereby increasing the ability to understand people and relationships.
Heals psychosomatic complaints of unknown physical aches and pains, low vitality, stress & tension that is beyond one’s control.
Discover talents & resources from the past that empowers present life. So its a way of personal development.
Releasing emotions whose causes are unknown like anxiousness, fears, phobia, feelings of being stuck, feeling lost, nightmare, stress, depression, loneliness, grief, despair, abandonment, traumas etc…
Find the soul purpose and get deeper insights of the essence of soul so your present living can be aligned with it and live a life of abundance.
Heal the Ancestral and parental attachments and intergenerational traumas that makes way to heal us and future generations to live in wholeness.

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