Inner Child Integration Therapy

Inner Child Integration is powerful. It enables you to reach YOUR natural well being and unleash YOUR FULL potential, PERMANENTLY.

In inner child work the intention is to speak to our inner child through their language, a language that is emotionally based and embodied, rather than expressed through intellectual thoughts and words and this makes this work truly special!!

LIFE - Live In Fullness Everyday

A wholesome & balanced life needs you to:

  • Finding your true self

  • Releasing emotional blockages (sadness, anger, helplessness, guilt, shame,…)

  • Releasing addictions (behavioral or external)

  • Understanding physical symptoms of disease (eczema, consistent aches & pains, stiffness,...)

  • Improving relationships and parenthood

  • Letting go off repetitive patterns

So What is Inner Child?

Inner child is a representation of ourselves at multiple points in our childhood, and we can have inner children from various ages. This part of us is very much connected to our natural enthusiasm, curiosity, and creativity we experienced as actual children. When you get in touch with your inner child, you can connect with their qualities and experiences at the time when you readily absorbed what your environments and caretakers taught you and how they treat you. Inner child wounds, or attachment wounds, can occur when there is either a traumatic event or chronic rupture without repair. A trauma or rupture can be from a simple situation of negligence/uncared (example: not being held by mother while crying) to a major traumatic event. Post incident/feeling how it was internalized determines the deep rooting of the wound.

So as an adult you have a chance to heal your wounded inner children and create the safe, secure inner and outer environments your younger selves always wanted. Take the step to focus and provide the unmet needs of childhood, and how fulfilling those needs can lead to a complete, more confident and self actualized individual.

What is Inner Child Integration Therapy?

Many feelings, perceptions and beliefs you have learnt or accepted as a child are now unconsciously running your life.

Inner Child Integration work is about recovering ourselves and our authenticity, finding our true self or in different words becoming ourselves, finding our inner harmony and balance. We have eliminated our reactions and actions from old programs, belief systems and coping structures so we are no longer at war with ourselves. Healing our Inner Child creates wholeness and awareness and with this healing we can make conscious choices.

Metaphorically - the “little you” is the inner child.

When we have not yet processed and not yet integrated emotions from childhood, the inner child takes the lead and runs the show causing limitations in our adult life. It prevents us from reacting as a mature and healthy adult, that can step back and, only then, act by choice.

How does it work?

This is an experiential work. It includes many modalities such as Regression Therapy, Gestalt therapy, Client Centered Therapy and Psychosynthesis. This work involves using each tool to adapt it to the specific needs of each client so as to achieve optimum results.  During Inner Child Integration Therapy you get in touch with repressed feelings and you allow them to be discharged. Often this discharge can be very intense, yet necessary. It helps clients release the toxic shame that has stifled their emotional development and kept them from becoming the person they intend to be.

Inner Child Integration & regression therapy was pioneered by Trisha Caetano. Do watch the video below for knowing more from her:

Who is it for?

It is applicable to anyone, adult or young adult, who has had childhood wounds. From physical, emotional abuse, to sexual abuse, neglect, loss of attachment figure, death or addictions… However, many a times, we do not realize the wounds we get from our childhood as we believe we have got over it or don't remember at all. Childhood that we feel was normal and little here and there but over all happy however no parent is perfect, even the most loveable one. In a way, to a greater or lesser degree, every family is dysfunctional . Thus this therapy is helpful to anyone who feels stuck in their personal growth and development.

Few signs your inner child needs healing are listed below:

  • Feeling highly reactive to situations

  • Sudden feelings of detached, lonely, irritation, upsets

  • Not allowing yourself to ask for any help

  • Chronic procrastination

  • Poor emotional & mental health

  • Feeling unmotivated

  • Sleep difficulties

  • Not as focused or productive at work

  • Increased mood swings, anxiety & fear in different areas of life

  • Stress & Depression

  • Repeating patterns in your relationships

  • lack of confidence

  • negative patterns that repeat themselves

  • Chronic overworking and needing to achieve (to get approval or belonging)

  • Inability to be present in the moment

  • Feelings of shame, guilt and/or pain.

  • Rigid and trying to be “perfect” (cannot handle failure).

  • Difficulty noticing and celebrating “wins” in life (no win will ever be enough).

  • Unhealthy relationship patterns and/or avoiding relationships and love.

  • Self sabotage, self harming, and obsessive/addictive behaviours.

  • Underachieving.

  • Trust issues on self and others

  • Rumination and negative self talk.

What can you expect from Inner Child Integration Therapy?

You can expect to be liberated from the past, to live your life of authenticity, setting boundaries/saying no, being true to yourself and your needs, and becoming a healthy, mature adult. Little by little, you will become the person you were intended to be. Creating and enjoying healthy relationships, enjoying the freedom of being yourself and making self-love as your priority. If you are a parent, you will see the evolution of your reactions towards your children. As life happens you will take things less personally and be able to step back before responding and so being an observer of your own self.

Inner child therapy is a magical journey to achieve this outcome, as long as you are committed and involved in the process. It takes time, effort, patience and energy. The best investment you ever make in your life.

Become more conscious, choose wisely and heal generations!!!

How does an Inner Child Therapy Session planned?

The first session is about 30mins either online or in person and its all about knowing the client, presenting problem and the objective or goal of the client for the session. Setting the right exceptions both sides.

Then comes the first session where we deeper into life experiences. This session will be the foundation of our work together. This session is the best session to establish the trust and the first opportunity to connect with your inner child.

The following session are something that planned together. We explore the past programs, bring them to the conscious and then be ready to free yourself. You will start to feel the impact on your day to day life.