Effects of Sound Therapy

Physical Effects

Mental / Emotional Effects

Spiritual Effects

  1.  Deep relaxation and muscle regeneration

  2. Relief from pain in joints, muscles, sciatica, headache migraine, sinus, digestive system, spine injuries, shoulder issues, blood circulation, cancer, high blood pressure, skin issues and many more

  3. The atoms, molecules, cells, tissues and organs function in a more synchronised way

  4. Improves energy flow in the body

  5. Elimination of toxins from the body

  6. Strengthens immune system

  1. Relaxed mind, mental/emotional tensions and blockages are eased

  2. Better concentration & improved focus

  3. inner feelings are activated and released

  4. more energy and strength in everyday life

  5. Deep sense of calm & peace

  6. improved self-confidence, boosted creative and productive potential

  7. Helps in Depression, learning disabilities, Anxiety disorders, mood swings, negative emotions, grief and sadness.

  1. A positive feeling of self

  2. Better balance and harmony in your life

  3. Experiences of stillness and heightens awareness

  4. Cleansing of chakras (energetic centres and the nadi – astral channels)

  5. A higher frequency reaches our innermost essence, which boosts our energy and our vibrational level

  6. The way to a more intense and higher vibration of love is open

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Sound waves allow deep relaxation of both sides of the brain. It stimulates stress relief on all levels and the elimination of toxins from the body. After sound therapy emotions are calm and the mind clearer, and the sound vibrations have an effect on the body after the singing bowls have been played on it.