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Children guide us new ways of being. As parents, Our task is to be willing to see what they are trying to teach us, and help them get started on their path to health, healing and balance. Reiki workshop is one of the best ways they can begin this process.

The Reiki Teen workshop will help your child to understand the importance of balanced living and  learn and get initiated to a new tool that opens door for self care, being centered, self awareness and being peaceful with self and others. Most common benefits of Reiki in teens are:

  • Reiki brings in stress reduction and induces relaxation there by increased quality of sleep.

  • Reiki accelerates the body’s natural healing process.

  • Reiki boosts energy levels in our body so we are more active and feel less tiered.

  • Reiki helps in clearing emotional blocks and strengthen emotional immune system.

  • Reiki helps in overcoming depression and anxiety so it improves focus and concentration levels in studies.

  • Reiki enhances personal awareness and self empowerment.

  • Reiki helps in positive living and gratitude filled life

The teen Reiki workshop has the same initiation process as adult Reiki level 1 however the workshop activities are designed to bring in lot of fun in learning. The prerequisite is that the teenagers want it themselves.

Workshop Content:

  • Introduction to Energy, Healing and Reiki

  • History of Reiki

  • Benefits of reiki for teens

  • 4 Reiki Initiations

  • Understanding energy centers in our body

  • Balancing & healing techniques

  • Giving others a Reiki treatment

  • Giving plants, animals, crystals a Reiki treatment

  • Reiki for yearly goal setting

  • Grounding meditation

  • A potted Reiki-ed plant and crystals to bring home

Time Commitment: 12 hours

Prerequisite: None

Cost: $480 (All in Singapore dollars)

Material Included: Usui Reiki Level 1 manual and certificate of completion under Usui Reiki lineage.

Teenager Reiki Workshop

Reiki is the most beautiful gift that a parent can give to their Teen kids. It is a self healing and self responsibility towards living that is balanced at physical, mental, emotional levels along with mindful living

Kids discover and tap upon their potential to lead a focused, calm and healthy life. This simple hands on healing is easy to practice anytime any where that essentially balances any imbalance in the whole energy of the body and mind.

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