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This covers

  • Personal Deepening connection with Reiki and exploring the philosophy of Reiki and how has been the Reiki healing journey for the trainee. This helps in coming up with their own point of view about Reiki that will help their growth as a teacher.

  • Reiki level 1,2 & 3 teaching knowledge comes from discussion on conducting each level, understanding and writing own manuals, teaching structure & teaching material, learning the attunments for all the levels & practising of the same.

  • Presentation skills will sharpen with homeworks like recordings of a few topics related to case studies and teaching & conducting a Reiki intro talk. This builds up the confidence to teach and to hold the space for others to heal and learn.

  • Goal setting, planning & marketing Reiki classes & services is a big part of starting the journey of a Reiki Master teacher. This is covered by mentoring the necessary marketing skills and realistic and achievable goals.

The 6 months of course will consist of 6 days of in person workshop. There will be full day workshops at the beginning(2 full days), middle(2 days) and in the end(2 full days) of 6 months. There will be homework based on self study material that are designed to develop the teaching skills, further deepen knowledge of Reiki & practical self healing and transforming techniques through Reiki. Completion of the training allows teachers to teach all levels of Reiki. Reiki Master Teacher certificate is issued after the completion of the training. 
There are three weekend gatherings you need to attend to learn the attunements and discuss the assignments. The gatherings are also important transmissions of Reiki energy as well as helping you to bond as a peer group of Teachers.

  1. The Beginning Workshop: We gather at the beginning to learn the Level 1 and 2 attunements, discuss level 1 topics from teacher point of view as well as to align our energies for the Master process. This weekend also allows us to discuss in more detail the homework and assignments as well as answer any teaching questions.

  2. Self-study: In between our two gatherings there are assignments to be done over 5 months of self-study and discovery. This is a very intense period of personal growth and stepping into your power as a Reiki Master. This part also includes the mid way meeting of 2 full days. This includes discussion of level 2 class from a teachers point of view.

  3. The Ceremony Workshop: This is the closing ceremony. The Master’s attunement is taught and the Master Ceremony is carried out signifying your completion to Reiki Master Teacher. You need to have completed all the homework and assignments to attend.

Self-study Assignments 
During this entire process it is important that you continue your self-treatments 91 hour self healing and 35mins chakra treatment) and practicing your attunements as a regular process on top of the assignments outlined below.
You are also encouraged to meet with your fellow Reiki teacher trainees in between the Beginning and Ceremony workshops to exchange attunements and support one another during your journey.

  • Reiki 1 Workshop Assignments:
    A 30 minute recorded introduction to Reiki
    Read the Reiki 1 Home-study manual
    Design your Reiki 1 manual
    Journal 21 days of One Hour self-treatment.

  • Reiki 2 workshop Assignments:
    Read the Reiki 2 Home-study manual
    Complete a 30min Audio on Uses of CKR and SHK
    Complete a 30min Audio on Sending and variations
    Document eight sending sessions (can be a mixture of people and issues)
    Describe Case studies briefly with your experiences with the symbols – 2 with CKR,
    3 with SHK
    Journal 21 days sending to one of the Usui 5 principles.

  • Preparing for Teaching:
    Complete written contemplation on the ‘5 Musts’ (no more than 5 pages A4)
    Complete ‘Ideal Client’ worksheet

  • At some point during your training:
    Monitored at least one introduction talk with a Reiki Centre Teacher
    Attend or conduct at least one Reiki share


Your Certification is on condition of completion of all workshops and assignments/homework. There is no time restraint on this and you can take as long as you wish to complete your studies, however you will need to wait for the following year’s Ceremony workshop if you miss the gathering intended for your year. When you graduate you will receive a Reiki Master Teacher Certificate that entitles you to teach all levels of Reiki including Masters.

Training Fees:

Reiki Master training is payable in full at the Beginning Workshop

Fees for 2021-2022 is $2700 (SGD)

These fees are non-refundable.

Reiki Master Teacher Training

Reiki Master Teachers Training is a 6 months course that deepens the knowledge of Reiki, huge personal growth and transforming into a Reiki teacher. The journey of the caterpillar again begins as a Reiki Master Teacher !!

The focus of this training is to facilitate & mentor the growth of a Reiki Master.

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