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New Moon & Full Moon Meditation

Full moons happen once a month when the sun's rays fully illuminate the surface of the moon. With no light of its own the moon is shining at its brightest and fullest. The sun’s rays completely bounce off the lunar surface and we are receiving maximum light and vitality.

The moon energies affect us as the human race has been living by lunar cycles for centuries. Connecting to this energy gives a sense of grounding and beautiful balance with the earth & cosmos.

While the new moon is a time to set intentions for the future and launch new projects, the full moon is a time of culmination and fruition. Starting with the "dark" phase of the new moon, the lunar surface gathers light over a two-week period, then manifests as a full moon. When the moon is completely full, it's a spiritual and energetic pinnacle of whatever you started when the sun and the moon united at the new moon.

As the moon waxes (increases toward full light), our energy builds and we collect information. The waxing moon means a forward-moving energy and momentum that's great for building things, working toward a goal, or bringing the first phases of a project to fruition.

Once the full moon arrives, the waning (decreasing) moon phase begins. As the moon wanes and the light starts to dwindle, we can begin to release what's no longer working for us. It's a great time to reflect on what you have built during the waxing phase while shedding anything that doesn't feel right. As the moon wanes, we can tie up any loose ends and say goodbye to what's not serving our own highest mission.

New moon time intention setting/ monthly goals setting meditation & Full moon time is meditation to reflect release & relax.

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