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Cosmic Intelligence Plus Meditation

Maa Gyaan Suveera is the founder of the Ci Plus (Cosmic Intelligence +) Evolutionary path.

What is Ci plus?
An advanced method of healing the self and others, CI PLUS is developed on the personal energy matrix discovered by each practitioner in his meditation. It is for those who are really interested to heal themselves at the Gross, Subtle & Causal body level. CI PLUS is the divine cosmic grace, an immeasurable gift and a wonderful tool designed to help you develop conscious awareness, the very key to success and enlightenment.

The Benefits One Gets With The Practice Of CI PLUS

  • Re-establishes spiritual equilibrium and mental well being

  • Balances the organs and glands and their bodily functions

  • Enhances personal awareness and strengthens intuition

  • Is an extremely holistic and pleasant method of healing

  • Re-establishes the lost connection with the oneness

  • Adjusts itself according to the needs of the recipient

  • Helps achieve the benefits of meditation

  • Promotes a state of total relaxation

  • Strengthens the immune system

  • Balances the body's energies

  • Vitalises body, mind and soul

  • Loosens up blocked energies

  • Cleans the body of toxins

  • Promotes creativity

  • Relieves pain

Basic Practitioner : This workshop introduces the student to the fundamentals of cosmic intelligence and the inherent cosmic connection that we are born with. Through the divine Ci plus empowerment process, the student becomes attuned to the ceaseless flow of Divine healing energy from the Universe, and this permanent connection builds the foundation of self-healing and the process of transformation begins. Beautifully simple, the Ci plus method is a continual process of evolving, and as the student becomes more experienced, they will be able to not only self-heal, but also heal other people, pets, food, water and the environment.

The attunement empowers the student to use the sacred Ci plus symbol given by the Master. Energy is now used for all life situations and through more reliable intuition, deeper compassion and spiritual awareness, the student now evolves as an effective healer..

This one-day workshop will empower the student with a regular meditative awareness to heal and design their life at will, while simultaneously surrendering the ego to the source within. Life pattern is designed thereafter with higher intelligence, in the light of true knowledge. Guided meditation, interactive healing sessions and the Ci plus transformational formula for growth and life modification is passed on to the student in this Basic Level. This is a very serious responsibility for self healing and growth so practicing it everyday is the key.

CI energy unleashes the dormant energies within, liberates the body and mind of unproductive behavioural patterns, and thus allows the recipient to lead a more wholesome and complete life. The basic level will include

  • Initiation and practice session of CI Plus Meditation

  • The CI Plus Healing Tools

  • Initiation to full body healing, self and others

  • Healing situations, proxy healing, protection issues

  • Our three -fold nature

  • Healing at three different levels

  • Addressing problems and specific area healing

  • Keeping the Body's vibratory levels clean and high

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