About Meditation

Meditation is a technique used  to develop awareness of the present moment.
It involves practices to sharpen focus and attention, connect to the body and breath, develop acceptance of difficult emotions, and even alter consciousness.


Meditation is a method that allows us to connect with our inner self, to develop certain personal abilities that permit us to discern more clearly and calmly our perception of reality. It helps us to observe consciously from other angles and to establish a deeper vision of reality. Meditation takes us to an essential state where conscious silence is generated within us, which allows us to activate and magnify our senses, to observe more clearly and transparently the reality that occurs around and within us.

Meditation FAQ

Why do people meditate?

There are many reasons to meditate. The most common reasons are to relax, reduce stress, and feel happier. Other common reasons to meditate are to improve focus, concentration, and energy.


What is meditation?

Meditation is the act of turning your attention to something, and intentionally staying there.


What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a way of paying attention. When you are mindful, you notice what‘s happening around you, and how you feel.


Do I have to be religious to meditate?

No! Meditation can be a spiritual experience, but does not need to be religious in any way.


Is meditation for me?

The answer is different for everyone. There’s really nothing to lose, so you might as well give it a try. Reach out to us and tell us what you find!


Few reasons to meditate:

  1. Understanding your pain

  2. Lower your stress

  3. Connect better

  4. Improve focus

  5. Reduce brain chatter

Statistics show that there is a higher percentage of teenagers who experience stress, anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts than in the past. There are many different theories on why this is happening but regardless of the reason, it’s important that teenagers learn ways to effectively handle stress and anxiety. One of the most effective ways they can do this is through mindfulness meditation.

What is mindfulness meditation?

Practicing mindfulness means purposefully or intentionally filling the mind with something. You are choosing to focus on something. It could be your breathing, a phrase, a body part, or an image. The important part is that what you are focusing on is something that is going to help you relax along with calming your mind and body.

Mindfulness works because it helps you replace your stressful thoughts and anxiety with something positive. For example, if a teenager is stressed out about an upcoming test at school they may be able to think of little else. That means they may lose sleep over it, have a more difficult time studying, and lose enjoyment in other areas of their life.

Their mind is consumed with anxiety and stress over the test. You can tell them not to think about it, but that’s easier said than done. If they spend some time practicing mindfulness meditation they purposefully choose something calming to think about. Instead of trying “not” to think about something they purposefully think about something, which is much easier to do.

Here’s another example, if I tell you not to think about a big pink elephant with a green hat, what are you thinking about? A big pink elephant with a green hat. But, if you decide to think about a blue monkey instead, your mind will think about what you are choosing to focus on. The elephant might try to enter your mind, but you continue to think about the blue monkey which pushes out the thought of the elephant. That’s mindfulness in a sense.

Why Should Teenagers Learn Mindfulness Meditation?

While life is already complicated for teenagers, it’s not going to get easier on its own. As they go to bigger years of education it may feel like a challenge, but what follows tends to be more of a challenge. Students either transition to college or the workforce both of which include new environments, social settings, and responsibilities. Learning how to get stress and anxiety under control as a teenager will help set them up to make these transitions into adult life much smoother and easier than continuing on the path they are on.

Benefits of Mindfulness

  • Improved sleep habits – Mindfulness can help students put their minds at rest and get a better night’s sleep.

  • Improved attention span – Practicing mindfulness on a regular basis can help students improve their attention span. This helps them to pay attention better in class which can lead to improved grades.

  • Reduced levels of anxiety – Learning to turn from negative thoughts and stress help students to lower their anxiety levels.

  • Lowers the chance of substance abuse. Many teens with anxiety disorder turn to substances like alcohol and drugs in an effort to numb the stress that they are feeling. When they know healthy ways to handle anxiety, stress, and depression it reduces the chances of falling into this.

  • Helps to regulate emotions – They are dealing with a new influx of hormones and it can make them feel like they are out of control along with other growing challenges. When they practice mindfulness they learn how to connect with themselves on a deeper level and gain control of their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.

How to guide your Teen towards Mindfulness Meditation?

There are a few ways to encourage your teen to try practicing mindfulness. The first is to simply talk to them about it and the benefits that it offers. Get them in touch with our teen group so they interact and learn from the group on how they have benefited.


Don’t Wait for There to Be a Problem

Preventative measures are always better than waiting until there is a problem. Even if you don’t think that your teenager is dealing with stress, anxiety, or depression you should still guide them to learn to practice mindfulness meditation. Teens are dealing with more than we think they are, and many teens aren’t going to talk to their parents about what they are going through. So, don’t wait until you know there is a problem to teach them this effective tool that can help them navigate through the difficulties they face. And, if you feel that your teen is struggling, reach out to therapist @ Reiki Shala.

Meditation & Healing


Cosmic Intelligence Plus Meditation

Maa Gyaan Suveera is the founder of the Ci Plus (Cosmic Intelligence +) Evolutionary path.


An advanced method of healing the self and others, CI PLUS is developed on the personal energy matrix discovered by each practitioner in his meditation. It is for those who are really interested to heal themselves at the Gross, Subtle & Causal body level. CI PLUS is the divine cosmic grace, an immeasurable gift and a wonderful tool designed to help you develop conscious awareness, the very key to success and enlightenment.


The Benefits One Gets With The Practice Of CI PLUS

  • Re-establishes spiritual equilibrium and mental well being

  • Balances the organs and glands and their bodily functions

  • Enhances personal awareness and strengthens intuition

  • Is an extremely holistic and pleasant method of healing 

  • Re-establishes the lost connection with the oneness

    • Adjusts itself according to the needs of the recipient

  • Helps achieve the benefits of meditation

    • Promotes a state of total relaxation

  • Strengthens the immune system

  • Balances the body's energies

  • Vitalises body, mind and soul

  • Loosens up blocked energies

  • Cleans the body of toxins

  • Promotes creativity

  • Relieves pain


Basic Practitioner : This workshop introduces the student to the fundamentals of cosmic intelligence and the inherent cosmic connection that we are born with. Through the divine Ci plus empowerment process, the student becomes attuned to the ceaseless flow of Divine healing energy from the Universe, and this permanent connection builds the foundation of self-healing and the process of transformation begins. Beautifully simple, the Ci plus method is a continual process of evolving, and as the student becomes more experienced, they will be able to not only self-heal, but also heal other people, pets, food, water and the environment.

The attunement empowers the student to use the sacred Ci plus symbol given by the Master. Energy is now used for all life situations and through more reliable intuition, deeper compassion and spiritual awareness, the student now evolves as an effective healer..


This one-day workshop will empower the student with a regular meditative awareness to heal and design their life at will, while simultaneously surrendering the ego to the source within. Life pattern is designed thereafter with higher intelligence, in the light of true knowledge. Guided meditation, interactive healing sessions and the Ci plus transformational formula for growth and life modification is passed on to the student in this Basic Level. This is a very serious responsibility for self healing and growth so practicing it everyday is the key.


CI energy unleashes the dormant energies within, liberates the body and mind of unproductive behavioural patterns, and thus allows the recipient to lead a more wholesome and complete life. The basic level will include

  • Initiation and practice session of CI Plus Meditation

  • The CI Plus Healing Tools

  • Initiation to full body healing, self and others

  • Healing situations, proxy healing, protection issues

  • Our three -fold nature

  • Healing at three different levels

  • Addressing problems and specific area healing

  • Keeping the Body's vibratory levels clean and high


New Moon & Full Moon Meditation

Full moons happen once a month when the sun's rays fully illuminate the surface of the moon. With no light of its own the moon is shining at its brightest and fullest. The sun’s rays completely bounce off the lunar surface and we are receiving maximum light and vitality.

The moon energies affect us as the human race has been living by lunar cycles for centuries. Connecting to this energy gives a sense of grounding and beautiful balance with the earth & cosmos. 


While the new moon is a time to set intentions for the future and launch new projects, the full moon is a time of culmination and fruition. Starting with the "dark" phase of the new moon, the lunar surface gathers light over a two-week period, then manifests as a full moon. When the moon is completely full, it's a spiritual and energetic pinnacle of whatever you started when the sun and the moon united at the new moon.

As the moon waxes (increases toward full light), our energy builds and we collect information. The waxing moon means a forward-moving energy and momentum that's great for building things, working toward a goal, or bringing the first phases of a project to fruition.

Once the full moon arrives, the waning (decreasing) moon phase begins. As the moon wanes and the light starts to dwindle, we can begin to release what's no longer working for us. It's a great time to reflect on what you have built during the waxing phase while shedding anything that doesn't feel right. As the moon wanes, we can tie up any loose ends and say goodbye to what's not serving our own highest mission.

New moon time intention setting/ monthly goals setting meditation & Full moon time is meditation to reflect release & relax.


Crystal Healing

Crystal healing is a type of alternative therapy that involves using gemstones to bring balance to an individual's life and mind. Crystals are said to "have a stable and unchanging energy pattern, each with a unique frequency and energy field, or resonance" that gives them special properties. Crystal healing has been used for centuries to help treat the body holistically for various ailments.

Crystals act as a power hold for healing as they allow positive, fruitful energy to flow into the body and do away with the negative, toxic energy. Like other forms of alternative therapy, crystals work by channelizing your energy levels, thereby, focusing on healing your body from the inside. Crystals have their particular vibration and frequency, which arise from their molecular composition. From the way they move and interact, these vibrations and energies work in benefiting and uplifting our mood, mind, and health in a considerable manner. Acting like a magnet, it can absorb the negative energies and welcome fresh vibes. 

Since they are all naturally extracted, they harness the energies of the sun, moon, and oceans (all-natural healing energies) to improve our state. When placed or held a crystal over the body, it interacts with the body's energy centers and promotes physical and mental wellness. Used in a certain way, it can also improve your concentration and creativity. It can also promote physical, emotional and spiritual cleansing. Crystals vibrate at the same pitch as humans and maximise the healing abilities we already have. Because of this comforting feeling, when a crystal is placed on the body, it helps you connect better and feel at ease.

Crystal healing involves placing precious stones on and around a person to clear all of the negative energy that’s worked its way into one’s body. Crystal healing works on our mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. These unique, innate properties of various crystal formations are harnessed for healing. When a healer places their hands on those stones, this activates the crystals and transmits the necessary energy from that crystal into a client’s energy body—the field of energy that surrounds each of us. 

Beginning of the session a brief discussion on the presenting problem is done based on which the specific crystals are chosen to address the issues faced by the client. The healing starts by clearing the energetic blockages and so the vitality starts to flow in the client's body. The crystal's frequency helps in releasing all the energies that don't serve and relaxes the mind, body and emotions.

The proposed healing benefits of crystals predominantly surround areas of mental wellbeing; including feelings of increased tranquility, positivity and focus, as well as enhanced immunity and pain relief.

Crystal Healing Personal Session Bookings :

  • Each session is 60 mins. however request to keep aside 30mins more so we have enough time for debriefing and discussion.

  • Payment should be made once the appointment is confirmed. Payment can be through Bank transfer/PayNow/PayLah.

  • Charges for a session is $200 for 90mins and for a package of 3 sessions it is $560.


To book Crystal Healing Session click here.


Tarot Reading

What is Tarot?

Tarot is a divination system that uses a set of cards to gain insight and achieve greater control over issues involving relationships, opportunities, and life changes.

The Tarot deck is over 500 years old. With archetypal roots that go back almost 2,000 years, Tarot has become a repository of ancient wisdom. Interestingly, our modern playing cards are a subset of the Tarot.

The history of Tarot symbolism is shrouded in mystery. Some of the Tarot symbols are thought to have originated in China, India or Egypt. Tarot cards date back to 15th century Spain, Italy and France.

Can Tarot tell the future?

A large enough Tarot spread can give you a very keen sense of the probabilities inherent in a situation, but the specific way that things turn out are, in the final analysis, up to you -- how well you adapt to the ever-changing conditions that your Tarot reading reflects. A Tarot reading gives a snapshot of what is going on in the Present, the time you are picking the cards. It can help you see aspects of a situation that have been invisible to your ego. In contrast to popular opinion, Tarot is a valuable form of meditation on the Present moment that returns insight and advice. Although it does reflect probabilities, it is NOT a form of fortune-telling.

Consult the Tarot as if you were asking the advice of a wise friend or teacher.

How does Tarot work?

The person who is reading draws to him /herself, on an unconscious level, the card(s) with the information or answers which are needed.

A tarot deck consists of 78 cards that you lay out in any one of a number of spreads. Each card is symbolic of an energy or spiritual truth, its relevance depending upon its position in the spread. There are so many possible outcomes that tarot readers spend decades mastering the meanings of all the cards in all the different combinations. 

Using the power of Synchronicity, Tarot taps both the subconscious and the superconscious Mind, the center of our psychic abilities. Anyone can become a good tarot reader. But a gifted reader of Tarot is far more than someone exercising innate psychic abilities. An appreciation of the power of the archetypes contained in the images on the cards demands a classical understanding.

Can Tarot predict the future?

A large enough Tarot spread can give you a very keen sense of the probabilities inherent in a situation, but the specific way that things turn out are, in the final analysis, up to you -- how well you adapt to the ever-changing conditions that your Tarot reading reflects.

A Tarot reading gives a snapshot of what is going on in the Present, the time you are picking the cards. It can help you see aspects of a situation that have been invisible to your ego. In contrast to popular opinion, Tarot is a valuable form of meditation on the Present moment that returns insight and advice. Although it does reflect probabilities, it is NOT a form of fortune-telling.

What kind of questions can I ask Tarot?

Tarot is excellent for receiving clarity on problems or issues that logic by itself simply can't handle (most of the important ones in life!). Relationships, negotiations, work dynamics, office politics, family matters, spiritual well-being.

How do I best prepare for a Tarot reading?

There are certain points to be noted when you arrive for your reading, please keep these in mind whenever you embark for a reading to get the maximum benefit out of the same:

  1. Have an open mind and leave the skepticism behind.

  2. Prepare your questions on which you need guidance And get them along with you. Writing them down is a good Option.

  3. Be calm. There is nothing in the reading which could affect you negatively. The Tarot gives you only answers which you are ready for. Meditate if you are feeling anxious/nervous.

  4. Understand that specifics will not be given to you like date/time/place, but trends will be revealed.

  5. Do not ask the same question before 6 months are up.

  6. Write down the guidance given for future reference and Practice any meditative techniques provided.

  7. You may ask for another person even if they are not present for the reading.

  8. Accept the guidance with gratitude, as something coming from the Source.


Tarot Reading Session Bookings :

  • Each session is 30-45 mins. 

  • Payment should be made once the appointment is confirmed. Payment can be through Bank transfer/PayNow/PayLah.

  • Charges for session is $60 

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