Reiki Healing Therapy

Reiki Healing Therapy - Personal Session

Reiki is a universal life force energy and an extremely powerful healing technique. Reiki practitioners act as a conduit for this energy to flow into their client. The healing can be physical, Mental, emotional and spiritual or a combination of all four. The body will take over the healing process using the Reiki that was channeled through the practitioner. Whatever form of healing takes, it is always meant for the client’s highest good. All thats needs is the client’s sincere desire and openness to allow a cleansing within their emotional and spiritual consciousness. This is the key for total healing. After receiving the treatment clients usually feel calm, peaceful, balanced and rejuvenated. After receiving the treatment the client may experience a small amount of detox which leaves them with balance at all levels. It is recommended to go for a minimum of 3 sessions (weekly once) to experience complete healing and smooth support in case of any detox.

Getting ready for personal healing session needs the client to dress in comfortable clothing, minimal or no jewellery and the willingness to receive and heal using Reiki. Keeping oneself more hydrated is highly recommended after the healing session.

People who have received a Reiki personal healing session can later on choose to receive a distance Reiki healing.

Reiki Personal Healing Session Bookings :

  • Each session is 60 mins. however request to keep aside 30mins more so we have enough time for debriefing and discussion.
  • Payment should be made once the appointment is confirmed. Payment can be through Bank transfer/cash/PayPal.
  • Additional cost of transport will be charged in case of home visits or hospital visits or centers other than Reiki Shala.
  • Charges personnel healing session is $200 for 60mins and for a package of 3 sessions it is $560.

To book one hour Reiki Healing Personal session click here.

Reiki Healing Therapy - Distance Session

Distance Reiki healing is usually recommended to a client who is not physically present in the same room. It is very helpful especially when the client/patient is unable to come to the center to receive their session. It is very effective and very convenient for parents who wish Reiki healing for their kids, as its many times its challenging for kids to be still for one full hour. Many clients opt for this kind of treatment because of circumstance or when they are physically unable to meet with the practitioner for their session. Distance healing on a regular basis is recommended for a complete balance at all levels.

Distance Reiki Healing Bookings:

  • Distance healing is usually for 15mins or 30 mins. Please keep aside 5-10 mins extra so all is ready and comfortable to receive the Reiki healing. We can always work on a comfortable timings for overseas clients.
  • Your photograph can be sent through email or WhatsApp on the same day of the healing session.
  • Once the booking is done payment can be through Bank transfer/PayLah.
  • Charges for Distance Reiki Healing is $45 for 15mins and $85 for 30mins.

To book one hour Reiki Healing Distance session click here.